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up when you do. amid questions of her congressman of his workouts, alderman cindy jackson says she's dealing with hard times are working for the residence your award. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. >> and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >> alderman said the jackson
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told the beauty in last night that despite her problems she is working hard for the people for war. >> all i can do is stay focused on the work there were doing. that is how i feel my days. i know that there are other families out there that go through personal tribetrials and tribulations and they have to continue working just as mine does. that they say she was a no show for today's big budget vote. in fact she has missed several city council hearings in the past four months. according to city clerk reckitt she has the worst attendance records when it comes to city council members parishes worst record of all 50 alderman. they said her attendance as of late has to do with her husband's legal woes. her husband is under federal under investigation for misuse
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of campaign funds to redecorate their washington home and to buy a rolex watch for a female friend. the investigation says that ealdorman jackson has been pulled into parents of a per colleagues were asked about how the field about her missing the boat. >> of course we want all the alderman to be here to vote. have any comment about her personal situation. >> i think it's time for this the not only come out and talk to the people and the district to say here's what our plan is. >> all of your comments should really go to the person to talk about. that's always the best damn as they say the show must go on and today's budget vote is going on right now. all the men are debating the issue. lester mayor emanuel got a 60-zero thumbs up on the budget this year the best thing he can ask
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for congressman jesse jackson jr. was released earlier this week from american clinic where he was being treated for bipolar disorder but he has not return it to capitol hill. congressman said he would have to make a decision soon on his legal issues as well as his political future. it is beyond help the issue has urgency and necessity for the congressman to come to terms with the fact that he has to make a decision very soon. out of respect for his constituents. they tell the chicago tribune that he may not return to chicago during the remaining weeks of the lame- duck session.
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the men known as the "englewood four" are filing suit over their wrongful convictions. richardson ... michael saunders and vincent thames were all teenagers when they were convicted in the 1994 rape and murder of nina glover. they all spent at least 15 years in prison before d-n-a evidence linked the crime to another man and exonerated them. a judge threw out their convictions last year. their federal lawsuit says they were framed ... and that police coerced their confessions. the c-t-a board has approved a multi million dollar settlement with the estate of a woman who was killed by a c-t-a bus in 2007. fifty nine year old - ludwika szynalik was hit by an addison
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street bus while trying to remove her bike from the bus's front rack. szynalik (schna'-lik) was then dragged more than 80 feet when the driver failed to see her - driving and was dismissed from the c-t-a after an investigation. there is controversy in the muslim community about some ct buses. there was an and unveiled on 10 buses yesterday. in any war between the civilized man and a savage, so poured the civilized man. it concludes with the slogan support cops, defeated she died. that refers to the conflict between the muslims and catholic christians in egypt. the judges ... the city board is expected to
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propose a budget today that increased bus heights. the budget council on union concessions totaling $160 million. the board also approved contracts yesterday to send more than $500 million to overhaul older buses. operate red station. at the computer system at united airlines is back up now. a massive audit stranded several passengers across the country. this at least the third major computer outage cents in june. united has been struggling with technology problem since march when they switched to the system previously used by continental airlines. the companies merged in 2010. some fliers say they waited for more than two hours with no answers about when the flight would depart. >> rockets are pounding both israel and gaza in the here is. plus we're learning more about the at by agent who exposed the
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heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium levels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. palestinian militants continue to fire rockets into israel today, killing three people and
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injuring two others in the most recent attacks. yesterday, israeli forces launched a series of air strikes. take a look at this video: this israeli air-strike hit a car, killing the commander of hamas's military wing. of 13 people have been killed and more than 100 injured. the un security council called an emergency meeting last night in an effort to prevent the violence from spreading into a regional conflict. the house and senate intelligence committees are holding hearings right now on the deadly attack on the u-s consulate in benghazi, libya. the assault killed u-s ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. lawmakers will question acting c-i-a director michael morell, national intelligence director james clapper, and a few other officials today. legislators are looking into: why intelligence leaders didn't anticipate or repel theand the obama administration's public response. >> what is clear is that this
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administration including the president himself had intentionally misinformed, in fact lied to the american people in the aftermath of this tragedy. some republicans are criticizing u.n. ambassador susan rice. after the attack, she said intelligence pointed to a spontaneous attack... not a pre- planned one. president obama said the g-o-p should go after him instead former cia director david petraeus denied that his scheduled testimony over the september attack in benghazi, libya, had anything to do with his resignation, he told hln's kyra phillips. petraeus said that he never shared classified information with paula having an affair with. defense secretary leon panetta is ordering a review of defense programs to see if they are strong enough. a computer used by paula
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broadwell that was not secured contained classified information.broadwell's affair with former cia director david petraeus led to his resignation. national security officials tell "reuters" an investigation continues into how broadwell acquired the documents. as a reserve officer in military intelligence, broadwell does have access to classified material but rules require the documents to be stored in secure locations or computers. just yesterday president obama said there was no indication so far that any classified information had been disclosed as a result of the scandal. the man who helped start the investigation that led to the downfall of c-i-a director david petraeus is a veteran f-b- i officer. frederick humphries, seen here in this file video, first took a complaint from his friend, jill kelley, about emails that accused her of inappropriate behavior with petraeus. the investigation that followed led to the discovery of the extramarital affair between petraeus and his biographer, paula broadwell. agents determined that broadwell was the one who sent the emails anonymously to jill kelley. humphries made a name for himself in the fbi in building the case against the would-be "millennium" terrorist bomber in 1999.
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ct well bp will pay billions of dollars and plead guilty to several charges as part of its settlement with the federal government over the worst oil spill in the nation's history. it was back in 2010 when the deep water horizon rig explosion of louisiana's coast. 11 workers were killed and more than 2 1 million gal. of oil was spilled into the gulf of mexico. >> the owner of its pharmacy that destroyed it tainted meningitis vaccine refused to testify on capitol hill. dairy cattle in barry cadden runs the new england, counting center in massachusetts. for the cases of
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meningitis are linked to his pharmacy and 32 people have died so far. yesterday he took the fifth amendment claiming his try to avoid possible self- incrimination. >> are you in booking your fifth amendment rights in response to all questions today? >> yes. >> investigation. >> a couple in california may have set a record. britney and jason been welcomed the three boys into the world. they weighed in at a total of 20 lbs. at birth. the current record is 18 lbs. for triplets so britney and jason are submitting paper work for the guinness book of world records. britney eight 6,000 cals a day to keep the babies healthy. i have breakfast
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a second breakfast lunch a second lunch, an afternoon snack, i was eating like normal people meal. >> britney is a registered nurse and says she has already lost the pounds since the babies were born. just ahead, the maker of twinkies britain to liquidate the entire company of striking workers don't return to the job. >> also ahead still at the postal service and the red. plus thei am alive with your bloomberg
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on the money report.
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>> this is a sign that the hurricane could slow economic growth. claims for unemployment rose by 70,000 last week. at the postal service very much in the red. 59. billion loss. much larger than anticipated. they have been urging congress to pass an overall bill to let them from delivery to five days a week. one company taking a hit wal mart their earnings are falling. and 20 could be closing its doors for good. hostess brand threatens to shut down the bank rupp de grace st. unless the striking workers crossed the picket line and get back to work today. the workers will be out of a job. more than 800 people are employed at the plate in
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cans and shares park. >> ella and jacobs are back in the final installment of the twilight series in theaters at midnight. gross $146 million in the first weekend making this the first biggest opening for their series ever. >> park firefighters find a body. , she is considered ireland's music ambassador to the world. live music today from mary black.
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chicago firefighters made a suprising discovery while putting out a garage fire on the south side today. firefighters were called to a home in the 28-hundred block of west 40th street .. around 2-45 this morning. they found a body inside the home's burning garage.. chicago police detectives are now investigating. a firefighter from kane county was killed by her dog inside her home. the body of dawn brown was discovered by her husband, in big rock on monday. he is also a firefighter. he attempted to give her c-p-r, but brown died of her injuries.
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an autopsy revealed brown had been killed by a 140-pound mastiff. she received the dog from a relative just one week ago. brown had described the dog to her co-workers as *gentle* -- like an overgrown puppy. colleagues at the yorkville fire house say brown was the finest paramedic they have ever known. chicago police are looking for a man who shot another man during a carjacking on the west side. the victim was taken to stroger hospital last night .... after he was turned away from west suburban hospital in oak park .. because the hospital didn't have adequate staffing. police say the victim was a passenger in a car when he and the driver were ordered out near laramie and race. the carjacker shot the passenger in the chest before driving off. the victim is in critical condition. a man from west rogers park will appear in bond court today... charged with the hit- and-run crash that killed one man and injured another. 23-year old fernando perez is charged with reckless homicide and driving without a license. tsering dorjee was crossing
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maplewood avenue with his brother-in-law, when a passing car hit them both and drove away. dorjee, a father of three, was killed. his brother-in-law suffered a broken leg. several chicago aldermen are urging illinois lawmakers to allow undocumented immigrants to get a driver's license. >> it is a powerful call from city lawmakers to state lawmakers and the name of safety. it addresses a major problem in illinois. thousands of immigrant drivers who are unlicensed and uninsured. a coalition of chicago alderman is behind the resolution urging the state to provide temporary visitors driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants. according to the older, they're about 250,000 drivers on eleanor roadways who cannot obtain their licenses or insurance. alderman believes a temporary license
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would not only be sensible but would make the roads safer for everyone and also be a new source of public and private revenue. >> and our economy for the insurance that would be bought for the cars. and now cars would be bought because people would be more confident in doing that. it is a big impact. >> a similar licensing system is already in place in utah and new mexico. both states have seen deadly crash rates go down. still to come this midday .... tom skilling has your full forecast!
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thank skin and is upon us and we're headed towards a warm-up. >> if the temperature works just right, we might have a 60 degree thanksgiving. it that's the case that would be the first time that has happened here in 14 years. we shared with you in recent nights, some northern lights news and i wanted to share these to incredible shot from unison michigan. sean is a photographer there and look at that shot. this one is really stunning. this was the night before last. we had some interesting event going on on the astronomical front. back here we have some high clouds and mid-level clouds filtering the sun. they are working on limited moisture. they cannot totally blocked the sun. we are
12:29 pm
warming up. it is a very slow process. we picked up four degrees yesterday. the temperature was about one degree warmer than it was yesterday. these numbers are not big so it means that the temperatures are not increasing they are not going down either. the reason is the upper winds have turned westerly. there is a been waxedwhen the max coming. much of the lower 48 states are having relatively mild temperatures. 65 degrees in the morning. des moines.
12:30 pm
the warming is having its effect. hear of the readings in the chicago area. in henry it is 48 degrees. it is 48 degrees in the city. waukegan a 46. it is not as cold as it has been. this is
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the third month to register below normal temperatures and it comes off the record breaking a string of temperatures above normal. november is running about 6.3 degrees cooler than it was one year ago. the weekend goes into the 50s. we are in a moderate brand of mild air. next week the air will start descending out of the rockies. the warm air will be sliding eastward as we head towards thanksgiving. thanksgiving forecast shows the cold air bottled up to the north and ready to crash down on the country by next weekend. we have a lovely and warm weather for the holiday week. here is the big u.s. reveal no big storms for the continental u.s.. there
12:32 pm
are coastal flood advisories for the east coast. they are presenting some problems on the coast line. here is a look at the winds are blowing over a thousand miles from the northeast. the wind speeds friday morning and friday evening picked up some as they start spinning of a big storm. looks like this will be out at sea. if high pressure goes into the area, it will create a band of northeasterly wind. these are today's high and middle clouds. low clouds are coming off the lake. they might bring a
12:33 pm
sprinkle or two parts of the area. temperatures today and friday will be about three degrees below normal and then will go above normal on saturday sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. we have a pretty respectable woman coming. as we head into thanksgiving week which is great news for all the travelers. there will be some whether to talk about on the east coast in the form of these winds. the storm is the way out at sea but this is piling up the water against the coast line. there could be another storm on the west coast. the pacific northwest could have 8 in. of rain on the way next week. we sit in between here quiet with very limited precipitation. the mountain is
12:34 pm
catching a lot of the eastbound and wind before it gets here. high-temperature today 49 degrees in southwest lin. tonight partly cloudy, chilly,. winds will shift north east tomorrow. fiat of 52 degrees. mostly sunny on saturday and sunday with both days featuring lake breezes off upper 40 degree water. timeto time for today's trio what
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big question of there's fan's mind is still will j play. it's any bodies against following the discussionconcussion. the team is getting a backup quarterback jason campbell getting ready for next
12:38 pm
week in san francisco. >> jay is getting better. that's all i can tell you right now. he will be back on the practice the tomorrow. we can give you a little bit better idea of where he is and what is going on. he is getting better. >> the bears can run goal and they apologize to the field. he complained that it was the worst that he had played on and a park should have been left on the field longer. he apologized. >> the bulls a starting a service road trip in phoenix. they blew a 14 lead in the fourth when kurt robinson died under the legs of the defender.
12:39 pm
the bulls go ahead by 4 in overtime with 30 seconds left. a wide open to of the miller. carlos boozer led all scorers with 28. the bulls won this with 112-1 06. >> fans took the dog sleds. huskies down seven first place in the second half, jordan lynch dump to archer more. 7 yds and tied the game. later in the third ledge drive 99 yds. a touchdown. 569 yd total and three touchdowns. the wind. congratulations to in i you. that's a look at sports. you're
12:40 pm
alive illinois lottery drawing is next. take three first number is,916. take for a gamepick 4 - 6511
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in medical watch.. the fda is investigating a possible link between a popular energy drink and more than a dozen deaths. reports of 13 deaths over the last four years cite the possible involvement of "five hour energy". the caffeinated energy shot is mentioned in about 90 filings with the fda, including more than 30 involving serious or life-threatening injuries such as heart attacks convulsions and at least one spontaneous abortion. the company that makes "five hour energy" says it contains the same amount of caffeine as 12 ounces of the leading premium coffee. fewer american women are dying from breast cancer but it remains deadlier among black women than whites. the center for disease control and prevention says the breast cancer death rate for black women is 41 percent higher than
12:45 pm
among white women. black women are more likely to die from breast cancer than any other racial or ethnic group. the cdc says mammography may be used less frequently among black women and once a black woman receives abnormal mammography results, it takes longer for her to get a diagnosis. and black women more commonly have subtypes of tumors that are harder to treat. a new study shows meditation may lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. the study included more than 200 african american men and women who were diagnosed with coronary heart disease. half were assigned to a health class, and half attended a meditation program. after five years researchers saw a 48 percent lower risk of heart disease, stroke and death among the meditation group. they also had lower blood pressure and reported less stress and anger. lunchtime were going fishing. we're all making seared and roasted halibut with seasoned
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mushrooms served with a ♪ ♪ ♪ pop
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goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand today's "lunchbreak", alaskan halibut with mushrooms. noah sandoval, executive chef of senza on north broadway. thanks for coming in. the story of the name of the restaurant is a great one and i want this people at home to know it and understand it. >> the name sense not means without blueandsenza means without
12:49 pm
glutten. >> japan is really hard. will it the pan is really hot. and we will get started with the mushrooms. we season it with salt and pepper. we started it on the cut side. adding a little bit more oil. medium mushrooms. they really will not over coke. they can hang out with the fish. while i am doing this i set it
12:50 pm
aside and let it do its thing. we have not some fermented garlic. you can get it a lot of places. we spread it out so every bite you get you get a little of this in that spirit it's earthier, a little sweeter, kind of oddball summit. i also put a little honey and a little mustard in it. here we have a pickled plums. i arranged it on the plate so that for every bite you can't you get all of the components in the same bite. this is apple cider and a
12:51 pm
lot of black pepper and cooks down. you move the fish are around a little bit. you're getting the sphere. >> you keep it on the one side, you do not turn it over? >> eventually i will. i have pecan crackers. i try to make it look nice. >> you're building a meal and a piece of artwork all at the same time. >> the fish looks like it is ready to be flipped. >> it looks like it is cooked halfway through and that is when you have to flip it? >> i probably could have let it
12:52 pm
go a little bit longer but it ... timing. i'm going to base it with butter and aromatics. i'm going to add some water crest and a raw onion and vinaigrette. this has cut down in water and maple syrup. >> i like that you have taken the gluten out you have gotten more creative. we may have time to finish this up and see how beautiful it is. >> as long as the fire alarm does not go off, we are ok.
12:53 pm
>> let's make it look good. we want to rest this so we do not get all of the jews all over the place. juice all over the place. and now we and all of the greens that we addressed earlier. >> while you're finishing this off, i want to tell the people at home that it is located at 2873 north broadway in chicago. we will put the recipe on our web page if you want to learn
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how to cook this. are you want
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people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer.we are
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definitely sending the arctic air back to the arctic. see how cold it is in northern america. we are going to see the temperatures slowly edged higher. we are at 45 degrees right now in chicago. this is the highest we have been at any point in the last four days. it is quiet around the country.
12:57 pm
this is a tool and have precipitation forecasts. we sit high and dry with trains on the southeast coast and the northwest but the temperatures will be a big part of the storm. we expect 51 degrees tomorrow and the lower mid 50s on saturday with winds of the lake cooling things a little. the area that we will watch is all the action headed towards the west coast. the mountain ranges scream a lot of the moisture out. look at the moisture that is expected to call from northern california-8 in.. the mountains are catching the rain that would otherwise, east. lake michigan is near a record low at 16 in. below the long-term average. where 1 in. away from
12:58 pm
the november low level. we might not get much more stir in the next five days. 54 degrees on saturday and sunday. mostly sunny both days. dry with light winds. 55 monday. we may get to 60 on thanksgiving day if we can keep a front from passing. >> it's a big travel week. it will be a quiet one. >> thank you for joining us today. and more music from mary black.
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